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Apple is known for state-of-the-art designs, but it appears there may be a problem with the company's latest one. Employees at Apple's new space-age campus are walking into its glass walls, which is causing great concern for the popular company. Have you ever seen someone walk into a screen door? Or have you ever been the unfortunate one to walk right into one yourself? I'm guilty of that myself. Now imagine that happening in your place of work. It's becoming a real headache for the tech company, in more ways that one.

Since Apple Park campus opened last fall, there have been at least two incidents involving walking into the glass and receiving sustaining injuries, which required emergency services. The futuristic design looks great, but it's proving itself to be too clear-sighted, as reported by MarketWatch. The company's $5 billion headquarters and its glass doors found these individuals receiving minor cuts and no required hospitalization, but it's worth noting that the situation may currently be in violation of California law, which states that "employees shall be protected against the hazard of walking through glass by barriers." At this time, Apple has received no citations, as reported by U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration data, but we'll keep you updated if more glass barrier-related news breaks.

Both walking incidents occurred on January 2nd, as the report notes. It's also worth noting that these are only the people who have reported the situation. It's likely there are even more people who are finding themselves smacking straight into the glass all over the place in the new-age campus building. As of this writing, Apple has yet to respond to these incidents and the issues the company has brought to its fancy new high-tech, revolutionary building, and it's unclear if the company intends to discuss it at all in the near future.

According to Yahoo!, sticky notes were posted on the doors to alert people about the issue. You gotta admit, it is at least a little amusing that a company as big and expansive as Apple would use sticky notes to fix problems. But I digress. It appears, however, that shortly after these sticky notes were placed on the glass, they were removed by Apple management because they didn't match the building's design.

Apple Park is part of Steve Jobs's grand vision for his company. He proposed the notion back in 2011, shortly before his death. Although it is finally active and operational for Apple employees, there's currently a slim chance that it'll be seen by the public, due to the high security of the operation. Since we can't see inside the building, we'll imagine that it's filled with smart people knocking their noggins everywhere they go. Prove us otherwise.

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