How Henry Cavill Responded To His Internet Death Hoax

Superman lives. Despite what Google might've been saying, Henry Cavill isn't actually dead. The British actor took to Instagram to humorously swash the death hoax that arose unexpectedly a few days ago. Best of all, the Justice League actor showcased his signature mustache in the process.

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As seen in the Instagram photo, Henry Cavill is responding to a strange notice on Google that claims he died on March 3. It doesn't state a cause of death or anything. It simply says the 34-year-old actor died a few days ago, and this is certainly news to the currently-living superhero star. Definitively clearing the air on the matter, the actor is having fun with the odd error, which has thankfully been cleared since. So, crisis averted. Superman saves the day again! And with his mustache seen in his selfie, it (potentially) gives us an indication that Cavill is still working on the sixth Mission: Impossible movie, recently titled Mission: Impossible -- Fallout, at least for some reshoots. That, or he just likes sporting the infamous 'stache. That's certainly possible too.

It was reported that Mission: Impossible - Fallout finished filming a week or so ago, although considering all the trouble that came with his prominent whiskers, it's hard to blame Henry Cavill for keeping the facial hair. Thankfully, it looks good on him, at least. Production on the newest Mission: Impossible had to take a break a few months back due to an injury Tom Cruise acquired during an upcoming action scene on the blockbuster sequel, but it looks like it is now (at least mostly) in the can. The prolonged shooting schedule for M:I6 was so long and extensive that it interfered with Justice League's reshoots, to the point where Cavill's mustache infamously and notoriously had to be digitally removed from several scenes in Warner Bros.'s superhero team-up movie. The intensive (and very odd) post-production process proved to be less-than-seamless in the final product.

Henry Cavill isn't the only actor to recently be subjected to a death hoax. Mark Hamill was also reported to be dead only a couple weeks ago, and the Star Wars actor hit Twitter to announce he's still alive in an equally funny fashion. Sylvester Stallone, similarly, was falsely reported dead in February. We're not sure what is causing this recent trend in fake death scares, but we'd request they stop before they start, lest we get concerned over nothing.

As noted above, Henry Cavill was last seen in Justice League this past fall. He'll next be seen in Mission: Impossible -- Fallout on July 27th. He'll also appear in Nomis, an action-thriller slated to come out later this year. We're happy to report that he's still alive and well and rockin' the 'stache.

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