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Janice Dickinson Entertainment Tonight

Janice Dickinson is coming to the stand. The model and TV personality is called to testify at Bill Cosby's upcoming retrial on April 2nd, along with five additional accusers who will be there to testify against the comedian. Bill Cosby is accused of allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in his PA home in 2004.

Entertainment Tonight released the latest news about Janice Dickinson. Dickinson will be one of four women who'll provide their testimonies regarding their own accusations against Bill Cosby. Cosby's lawyers allegedly tried to overturn Judge Steven O'Neill's decision to allow these women to testify during this upcoming retrial, but the attorneys proved unsuccessful in their efforts. Dickinson has talked about her history with Bill Cosby at several different points in time, notably in these last four years, and this upcoming testimony serves as the latest instance of Dickinson providing her story.

Janice Dickinson is one of more than 50 women who have come forward with allegations against Bill Cosby, notably within the past four years. Bill Cosby pleaded not guilty during this first trial last year, and the initial case was declared a mistrial by Judge Steven O'Neill in June 2017. This decision was made after jurors were deadlocked after five days of deliberations. At the time, the Montgomery County District Attorney's office announced they would begin the process of retrying the case as soon as possible, and the retrial process begins anew starting next month. Janice Dickinson's allegations are considered pertinent to the retrial process based on how closely they resemble the ones being made by the alleged victim in this criminal hearing.

Janice Dickinson claims Bill Cosby assaulted her in 1982. The comedian allegedly invited the model to travel to Lake Tahoe to have dinner and then later discuss a possible job opportunity available for her. After the dinner, Dickinson says Cosby offered her a pill to help with her menstrual cramps. Dickinson woke up the next morning without her pajamas, she recounts, and she alleges the last thing she remembers before passing out is Bill Cosby getting on top of her and assaulting her. Janice Dickinson has been very forthcoming about her struggles since more people have come forward with their own allegations made towards Cosby. Dickinson claims she wrote about this experience in her 2002 autobiography No Lifeguard on Duty, but it was reportedly taken out at the behest of Cosby and his lawyers, who pressured Dickinson and the publisher, HarperCollins, to remove these details from the book before it went to print.

Bill Cosby and his lawyers claim Janice Dickinson's accusations are inaccurate. Janice Dickinson will tell her side of the events on trial this April.