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Kellen Winslow Jr. ESPN Game Night

Former football player Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested on Thursday afternoon, and there's a good chance he'll be locked away for a long time, based on the crimes he is being accused of committing. He is facing nine criminal charges at the moment, including kidnapping with the intent to commit rape, forcible rape, burglary, forcible sodomy and more. If convicted, the retired athlete could spend the rest of his life behind bars. Currently, Winslow Jr. is being booked into custody in San Diego's Vista Detention Facility county jail. The New York Jets player was arrested by Sheriff's Major Crimes Division after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Here's what we know about Kellen Winslow Jr.'s arrest and current situation.

Kellen Winslow Jr. is currently being charged with two counts of kidnapping with intent to commit rape, two counts of forcible rape, one count of forcible sodomy, one count of forcible oral copulation, two counts of residential burglary, and one count of indecent exposure, according to TMZ Sports. There is also a search warrant executed for Winslow Jr.'s residence. This is the second time the former athlete was arrested this month. Kellen Winslow Jr. was also previously taken into custody last week, when he was accused of breaking into a mobile home park residence within the San Diego area. The former professional football player was arrested for felony burglary at that time. He spent five hours in jail before he was released on bail.

Kellen Winslow Jr. has gotten himself in trouble with the law prior to these charges. In 2013, the soon-to-be retiring athlete was accused of masturbating in a New Jersey parking lot in 2013. He was also charged with possession of synthetic marijuana. Kellen Winslow Jr. received a conditional discharge for that particular incident.

Kellen Winslow Jr. played football in the University of Miami before he went on to play football professionally as a tight end with the Cleveland Browns in 2004. He played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers between 2009 and 2011, Seattle Seahawks in 2012, New England Patriots in 2012 and the aforementioned New York Jets, before finishing his athletic career in 2013. Kellen Winslow Jr. also played in the Pro Bowl in 2007 during his second-to-last year with the Browns. He is the son of Kellen Winslow Snr., the famous football player who played for the San Diego Chargers in the '70s and '80s. His father is also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Further details about Kellen Winslow Jr.'s situation are unknown at this time. We'll continue to keep you posted on the latest developments in Kellen Winslow Jr.'s case here at CinemaBlend.