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Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are on top of the world right now. They're selling out concerts around the world during their latest joint tour, and over the weekend the celebrity musicians surprised music fans everywhere by dropping their first conjoined album, Everything Is Love on Tidal. It's a great time to be Jay-Z and Bey, but they're possibly getting upstaged by their own daughter, Blue Ivy. That's right. During their world tour, Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles are getting their thunder stolen by their own daughter, who is making an excellent impression on the adoring fans lining up in the crowds. Take a look.

Specifically, during Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z's London concert on Friday, Blue Ivy made a great impression when she made the Roc symbol with her hands, which was first made famous by her dad. While she didn't join her parents on the stage, she won over many people in the audience, making friends easily and bopping around to the music. Clearly, Blue Ivy was having a ball watching her celebrity parents conquer the world, and she's quickly on her way to making the same indelible impression. And of course, there are clips from fans in the audience.

When Blue Ivy wasn't nodding her head to the jams, she was seen waving at newfound friends and blowing kisses to her fellow crowd attendees. Here's a look at one such reaction.

Blue Ivy was also unafraid to show her fellow music lovers how it's done, like in this adorable clip, where she corrected the person standing next to her.

Blue Ivy might not be in the double digits yet, but she's already a superstar in the making. While she's been featured in behind-the-scenes material shown during the tour, the celebrity daughter is keeping herself away from the spotlight for the time being. Nevertheless, Blue Ivy knows how to draw attention to herself, and that's quite a feat when your parents are Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z. Meanwhile, Blue Ivy's twin siblings, Rumi and Sir Carter, recently got a birthday shout-out when their parents were performing in Manchester, England, last week. Family is a strong element in this tour.

As detailed earlier, Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles are focusing on their lives and relationship during this ongoing tour. Peppered throughout their performances there has been footage from their lives and artistic vignettes detailing their family dynamic. It's, as you would expect, one hell of a concert. Anyone who gets an opportunity to see these mega superstars perform together are in for one amazing concert extravaganza.

But it might not be long before Blue Ivy steals the show from right under her famous parents. And it's not the first time Blue Ivy has stolen the show. She previously took Camila Cabello's fire once, which the pop musician is still reeling from, even to this very day. In any case, whenever Blue Ivy takes the world by storm, we'll be sure to keep you posted on the latest developments right here at CinemaBlend.