Heather Locklear Has Been Hospitalized Again

Heather Locklear Too Close To Home

Heather Locklear is having a difficult year. One week after the actress was hospitalized after she reportedly threatened to shoot herself, Locklear is in the hospital again after the police received a call saying she was allegedly overdosing in her home on Monday afternoon. Heather Locklear was transported to the hospital as soon as paramedics and cops made their way to her residence. Despite the scary ordeal, Locklear is now receiving treatment and she is considered to be in stable condition. Here's what we know about Heather Locklear's medical situation at this point in time.

This hospital visit comes less than 24 hours after emergency responders made their way to Heather Locklear's house, according to TMZ. She was arrested over the weekend for kicking an EMT and for punching a police officer. After she was taken into custody on Sunday, Locklear was released on Monday on a bail of $20,000 and she was sent home. Hours later, cops and paramedics reported to Locklear's house again for this medical call.

This arrest and hospital visit come shortly after Heather Locklear was placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold the week prior. Locklear's family members made a call claiming the actress was drunk and attacking her parents. While there were sources close to the Franklin & Bash standout claiming that she was planning to voluntarily check herself into treatment, it's evident from these troubling altercations that her treatment is not voluntarily. But thankfully, Heather Locklear is considered to be in stable condition at this time.

Meanwhile, Heather Locklear was met with trouble earlier this year when she was arrested for domestic violence and battery of a cop charges. She was reportedly fighting her boyfriend shortly before the cops were called to the scene by Locklear's brother, and when the police arrived, Locklear reportedly became "combative," swinging wildly and ultimately attacking at least one cop in the ensuing altercation. The Melrose Place actress was also in rehab for the sixth time during the holidays, and it's evident that she is still met with troubles during this difficult moment in her life.

As an actress, Heather Locklear was last seen in Tyler Perry's TLC series Too Close to Home, where the television actress played First Lady Katelynn Christian. The series met its end in November when it was canceled after two seasons. She also made a recent guest appearance on ABC's Fresh Off the Boat. She doesn't have any acting jobs lined up at the moment and given her recent string of personal problems and medical concerns, it's likely for best that Heather Locklear focuses on her own health, safety, and well-being at this moment in time.

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