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When it comes to celebrities on social media, you simply have to assume that the person on the other end of the line is indeed famous person they claim to be. There's no way to really tell if it's really them or, an intern, or even an imposter. Sometimes, the blue check doesn't confirm anything. That's seemingly the case with Joe Jackson's Twitter account, according to his granddaughter, Paris Jackson. On her own Twitter, Paris claims a recent tweet on Joe Jackson's social media was not, in fact, written by the talent manager. Here's what Paris Jackson had to say about her grandfather's social media page, and the lack of influence her grandfather has on it.

This accusation is potentially troubling for a variety of different reasons. Thankfully, there's little room for doubt when it comes to Paris Jackson's account. She's definitely the one in charge of it every step of the way. But when it comes to Joe Jackson's page, the jury is apparently still out for who is calling the shots in his name. Thankfully, though, they don't seem to be harming his reputation, or anything like that. Then again, it's perhaps not too surprising to know that an 89-year-old isn't spending too much time on social media.

Meanwhile, on Paris Jackson's social media, the actress/activist isn't afraid to share personal information, footage, and photos to her fans. Case in point, Paris recently shared an extremely rare home video of her brother, Prince Jackson, on her social media feed on his 21st birthday earlier this year. The daughter of Michael Jackson lived an exceptionally private childhood, so any footage of their home life is extremely rare. This is not the first time Paris Jackson has provided us with a glimpse of her childhood, however, as seen by this Christmas photo she also shared.

Additionally, Paris Jackson isn't shy about posting photos of her various tattoos, as well as a topless photo or two when she feels like it. There's no doubt that it's the real deal with Paris Jackson. When it comes to Joe Jackson's social media, however, the same sentiment can't be said. In any case, when it comes to new developments with Paris Jackson and Joe Jackson, we'll continue to keep you posted right here at CinemaBlend.

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