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On July 11th of July, it was announced that Cardi B gave birth to her first daughter, named Kulture Kiari Cephus. It has been a whirlwind pregnancy for the chart-topping musician, first filled with speculation and rumors before the truth was unveiled. But now the child is here, and Cardi B is currently spending her days parenting her first baby. In the midst of parental duties, Cardi B went onto Instagram to post a picture of herself only weeks before Kulture came into this world. The maternity snapshot is a beautiful look at the famous artist before she gave birth to her little baby. Check it out.

A couple weeks ago KULTURE Shot by @jorafrantzis

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As Cardi B reveals in the Instagram photo posted above, this picture was taken only days before Kulture made her way into this world. The professionally captured picture is a stunning one, no doubt, and it radiates with the maternal glow of a woman only a mere few days from delivering her first child. Cardi B clearly loves being a mother, and this photo captures the wonder and excitement not right before it happened.

It was only after a great deal of deliberation that Cardi B officially confirmed her pregnancy while performing on Saturday Night Live during the spring. The news first became public around the Super Bowl, when there were reports claiming Cardi B was refusing to drink any alcohol because there was a baby growing inside her, but the musician initially denied these allegations, claiming they were simply speculation-driven rumors from the Internet. The Internet continued to speculate for months over whether or not Cardi B was telling the truth, before she confirmed her news on the popular variety show.

Now that the baby is here, don't expect a lot of updates from Cardi B. The musician is reportedly not going to provide the public with a lot of information about the newborn child, believing that some things are best kept private. While we might see a picture or two provided by the world-famous artist from time-to-time, posts and updates will be in moderation, which is pretty typical for celebrities. While they put themselves out there for the public, most famous new parents focus on protecting the privacy of their kids. Kulture will therefore not be making many public appearances.

While Cardi B is at the height of her career at the moment thanks to the recent release of her first studio album, Invasion of Privacy, the musician isn't planning to tour for a little while. Not until she is settled nicely into the life of motherhood, at least. So, if you were planning to see Cardi B live soon, you're going to need to delay those plans. Meanwhile, in true Cardi B fashion, the popular musician also surprised everyone by claiming she is actually married to her fiancee, Offset. They spontaneously got married in their bedroom, with only Cardi B's cousin in attendance for the ceremony.

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