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Mac Miller in a music video

While tons of kids grow up dreaming of being rich and famous, the reality of that lifestyle is a bit more complicated. The pressure and access to dangerous influences have been known to have a serious affect on the psyche, and we've seen as so many iconic figures left this world too soon as a result. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened today to young rapper Mac Miller. According to a new harrowing report, the young recording artist has died of an apparent overdose. Our thoughts are with his loved ones at this time.

According to TMZ, Mac Miller was found Friday, September 7th around noon. The rapper and producer was reportedly discovered in his San Fernando Valley home by a friend, who promptly called the authorities. The first reports indicate that Miller died as a result of an overdose, but the specifics of his death aren't public so far. But considering the rapper's high profile and strong fan following, the questions will likely continue until an official report is revealed.

Prior to his tragic death, Mac Miller had a visible relationship with substance abuse. This is a trend we've seen with young stars, and its something that Miller struggled with publicly. In fact, Mac Miller got a DUI just a few months ago, after getting into a car accident. The rapper ended up being arrested for leaving the scene of the accident, as well as drunk driving.

Aside from his catalogue as a rapper, Mac Miller is perhaps best known for famously dating pop star Ariana Grande. The two collaborated on her first big single "The Way", and dated for a number of years. The ultimately split up around the same time as his May accident, with Grande voicing her concern for him via Twitter. No one from Grande's camp has responded to the tragic news, but all eyes will be on her social media for any response to her ex-boyfriend's untimely death at the age of 26.

Prior to his death, Mac Miller had been fairly vocal about his drug use, including a homemade brew which he called "lean." A mixture of cold and allergy medications promethazine and codeine, he reportedly used the custom drug to help with the stress of touring. There's obviously a ton of pressure around being a recording artist. Combine that with mental health issues and substance problems, and things can become unsustainable quickly.

Aside from his personal struggles and public relationship with Ariana Grande, Mac Miller will best be known for his contributions to the music world. He ultimately released five albums before his death, which is sure to shock his many fans.

Our thoughts are with Mac Miller's friends and family at this time. We'll continue to update you as more details become public.