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Mac Miller "Self Care" Music Video

One week ago, the music world tragically lost Mac Miller. The 26-year-old rapper was discovered unconscious in his bedroom, and it was previously reported that the cause of death was an apparent overdose. Details surrounding the late musician's passing were skim when the story first broke, but it is now being reported that Miller was dead in his house for hours before paramedics and medical experts arrived at the scene. Here's what we know.

TMZ reports that before Mac Miller's body was discovered and 911 was called, the musician's body was left dead in his bedroom. Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals on the scene, there was nothing they could do to revitalize the recently-belated, forever young rapper. The body was discovered around noon, and there are also reports that there were people inside the house in the hours before the musician was reported dead.

Mac Miller's body was found at noon last Friday, but it was believed there was a party at the musician's San Fernando Valley residence the day before he was pronounced deceased. There were friends at the place, though it's unclear how many, and were reportedly inside the building until the early hours of the day on Friday, mere hours before the tragedy. The police claim that no one has stepped forward to claim that they saw the musician alive past Thursday night, according to the initial report from TMZ. As mentioned earlier, details are still coming forward at this time, and it's still not entirely clear what lead to the musician's ultimate demise only a few days ago. There were only tiny traces of white powder found when the law enforcement officers searched the premises. Any other drugs were swept clean to hide evidence.

Fans have expressed their shock, grief, and remorse for the untimely loss of Mac Miller on social media and elsewhere. In Pittsburgh, the city where Mac Miller grew up and rose to prominence before making it big in the business, there were memorials and vigils held to pay remembrance to the late artist. More specifically, there was a public service in Blue State Park, which was considered one of Mac Miller's favorite locations in the city. There were reportedly thousands of mourning fans, friends and family in attendance, including the musician's grandmother. It's a deep loss for fans.

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The cause of death for Mac Miller is not officially determined on his death certificate, and there will be a toxicity report to come, though the results of such a test are known to take upwards of four-to-six weeks, so there might not be any additional details about his death for a little while. Nevertheless, it's a grave tragedy, and fans are left grieving. We'll continue to keep you posted on the latest celebrity news and updates right here at CinemaBlend.

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