Watch Steven Seagal Walk Out Of Interview Over Sexual Assault Question

During a recent interview with the BBC, Steven Seagal walked out of the telecommunication when the interviewer asked the action movie actor about #MeToo-related allegations made against him regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault. You can watch the video of the interview walkout below.

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As seen in the BBC clip found above, Steven Seagal gets up and begins to take out his earpiece as soon as the question is proposed by the interviewer. The person behind the desk was only beginning to ask Steven Seagal about the allegations, when he began to rise from his seat and scramble to take out his earpiece and microphone. It was only a short while later when the telecommunication was cut out from Seagal's end. While the actor has denied these accusations in the past, Seagal wasn't willing to discuss the topic on the air when pressed about the allegations in this clip.

The interview took place on BBC's Newsnight on Thursday night. When jumping between talking points, host Kirsty Wark brought up the #MeToo allegations that have sprung up against him in the months since the movement came into the public spotlight. The claims were that Steven Seagal sexually harassed several women in the past, and also reportedly sexually assault a woman. Before the question was even finished, however, Seagal was taking off his microphone equipment and stepping away from the camera, prompting the interview to be cut shortly thereafter.

Steven Seagal has been accused of inappropriate behavior by Portia de Rossi, who claimed the actor had sexually harassed her during an audition. On Twitter, she claimed that he unzipped his pants during one of her final auditions. Seagal was also accused of similarly indecent actions by Julianna Margulies, who claimed that the B-movie action star once answered the door in a silk robe "and nothing else" during an audition. Seagal has denied these allegations. The actor was also reportedly involved in inappropriate behavior with Katherine Heigl when she made a film very early in her career. The film they made together was Under Seige 2: Dark Territory, which came out in 1995, and the actor apparently made some crude comments to her.

With more allegations being made in the media to high-standing public figures, it's hard to know what response these public figures will have to the allegations made against them-- particularly when they're in the hot seat. Steven Seagal made it clear in this interview that he doesn't want to talk about the allegations that have been presented against him, and he isn't looking to have any sort of dialogue about his feelings regarding the matter at this time. If that were to change, however, we'll be sure to keep you posted on the latest developments. Meanwhile, when it comes to the newest celebrity news and updates, you can be sure to check back here at CinemaBlend for more.

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