Ice-T Arrested For Not Paying Bridge Toll

Ice-T Law & Order: SVU

On Law & Order: SVU, it's often Ice-T, playing his long-standing character Fin Tutuloa, who tracks down lawbreakers and takes them into custody. But in a strange series of events earlier this week, it was Ice-T himself who was put behind bars for an incident involving The Port Authority in New Jersey. The actor/musician evaded a toll booth, entering the state without paying the proper fare at the station. But it might've been a potential misunderstanding.

Here's what we know about Ice-T's toll booth mishap. As it was reported by TMZ, Ice-T was taken in custody by Port Authority police on Wednesday morning. He was driving on the George Washington Bridge, located on the New Jersey side, and he tried to make his way into the E-Z Pass section. It became a problem when Ice-T's transmitter didn't work. It's unclear why the transmitter didn't work for the actor/musician at that particular moment.

Rather than pay the fare he needed to pay in order to go through, however, Ice-T drove away, reportedly believing that he was cleared to go when that ultimately wasn't the case. It was only a short while after Ice-T went through the toll that he pulled over and taken into custody by the police on guard.

While it wasn't wise for Ice-T to pass through the E-Z Pass station without paying his proper fare, there was another matter that gave him trouble: his car. As it turns out, Ice-T was driving his new McLaren sports car when it was pulled over, and the automobile was not yet registered, which resulted in a double whammy for Ice-T. And with the police on your tail, it's definitely not a hard car to spot. It wasn't long before the Port Authority police tracked the music artist down and took him into custody. Ice-T was arrested for evading the toll, and he was given a ticket for the unregistered vehicle.

Clearly, it wasn't a great day for Ice-T, but it sounds like the actor/musician simply wants to put the whole embarrassing situation behind him as soon as possible. He later claimed that he forgot his E-Z Pass wasn't by his side (he was driving a new vehicle, after all). He claims he has several different E-Z Pass transmitters available in his other vehicles, but he forgot to put on in this car-- and he ultimately found himself in a good bit of trouble that day.

Let the lesson be clear here: if you're driving in your brand-new McLaren sports vehicle and you are passing through the toll station, make sure you have your E-Z Pass on you before you drive through to the other side. Especially if you're a famous celebrity and your story will get out to the public.

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