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Robin Thicke "Feel Good" Music Video

Not everything is at it seems on the big screen. In fact, there are a lot of things in life that are more-than-a-little bit different than the ways in which they are projected onto screens both big and small. And Robin Thicke learned that lesson under devastating circumstances when his house burned down earlier this month. In a recent interview, the musician talked about the devastation that came from his property going up in flames. Here's what he said.

It's funny, [from what] you see movies, you'd think there would be one doll left over, or a book of course, something. [But] it's just rubble. There's nothing left.

As it was reported exclusively by Entertainment Tonight, Robin Thicke was one of several people who lost their Malibu homes due to the ongoing California wildfires. Upon returning to the ruble that was left of his estate, he admitted that the process of his property being consumed by flames was not what he expected. As Thicke admits, he figured there'd be something -- anything -- left by the fire. But he learned that the entire house was gone. And all that was left was rubble. But Robin Thicke isn't giving up hope, because the artist is inspired by the "great community" of "wonderful people."

It's a great community, it's a community of wonderful people, a lot of parents whose kids go to the same school as my kid. It's just devastating.

These comments echo the ones recently uttered by Gerard Butler and Miley Cyrus, both of whom have lost their homes due to the ongoing California wildfires that have caused thousands of miles of property damage in the state, as well as the loss of several people. Each celebrity admitted that it was difficult to lose their homes, but they are grateful for the support and dedication of the men and women who are fighting to stop these engulfing flames.

After these words of encouragement about the men and women providing their times and services for the good of the community, Robin Thicke had a few more parting words, in which the singer-songwriter offered some information about the condition of the state and how things are going right now.

A lot of your homes are still standing. Our didn't make it, you know... sometimes it happens... We love this area, we love the people here, we love this neighborhood. Luckily, some of the property is still intact, you know, [it was] just the home.

Robin Thicke claims he and his girlfriend, April Love Geary, who is currently pregnant with her second child at the moment, are planning to rebuild and move forward as best they can after this destruction. Meanwhile, we'll continue to keep you posted on the latest developments here at CinemaBlend.