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On Thursday, Prince Philip walked away from a car crash near his Norfolk country estate. And in an "astonishing" turn of events, the 97-year-old member of British royalty walked away with no major injuries. At least, that's according to local eyewitnesses who caught yesterday's car crash.

People reported on the surprise car accident, which thankfully found the nearly 100-year-old Prince Philip with shockingly few injuries on his person. It appears that Philip found his Land Rover overturned when he was in an accident with a 28-year-old woman who was traveling with her nine-month-old baby beside her in the Kia. Thankfully, the baby was also uninjured in the accident, according to medical reports, though the mother of the infant found cuts on her knee. Meanwhile, Prince Philip was driving alongside a 45-year-old woman, and the woman reportedly has broken her wrist in the accident.

The medical results for Prince Philip were certainly not a given at the time of the accident. People on the scene claimed there was blood nearby, and there were many who were very worried about the safety of both Prince Philip and the other three people, especially the baby, involved in this scene.

Here's what Roy Warne, a retired lawyer who was reportedly there when the accident occurred, had to say about yesterday's automobile accident.

It was an astonishing escape for everyone. [It appeared there] had been extraordinarily severe injuries. But fortunately the injuries were very light. People could have been killed the impact must have been enormous ... I asked him to move his left leg and that freed his right leg and I helped him to get out. He was obviously shaken and then he went and asked if everyone else [in the other car] was alright ... There was a little bit of blood and one of the royal entourage gave me a wipe to wipe my hands. The person in the car behind me also stopped and the passenger from that car took the baby in his arms after we'd freed it from the baby harness. [The other people] were very shaken and one of them was the mother of the child and was very upset.

When it comes to the particular details of the car accident themselves, they are currently unknown or, at least unclear. It's also unclear who caused the car accident, or why it happened in the first place. But it's comforting and assuring to know that nobody was seriously hurt in this particular car accident, and we hope everyone who was injured in this accident finds a quick and safe recovery. More details should come about soon.

While there wasn't an official statement from Buckingham Palace about this automobile accident, a source connected to the royal family claims that Prince Philip is doing "fine" and he is reportedly no longer in the hospital. He was allegedly checked out of the hospital sometime yesterday.

Should more details be released about this car accident, we'll certainly be sure to keep you posted right here at CinemaBlend.