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Chris Brown - Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life

Yesterday, it was reported that Chris Brown was arrested in Paris for drug possession and sexual assault. Along with two other unidentified individuals, the R&B musician was left in holding while the story was making waves around the world. It was the latest in a long string of accusations made against Brown in the past decade, but he insists this story is untrue. Now, Brown is suing the woman who accused him of sexual assault for defamation.

According to Raphael Chiche, the attorney of Chris Brown, the controversial musician is "free" and able to travel back home. With that, as it was reported by TMZ, Chiche claims that his client "vigorously challenges" the criminal charges presented against him. Brown is suing the woman who accused him of sexual assault earlier this week for what the musician claims is "slanderous denunciation" made against his character. The forthcoming lawsuit is expected to be filed with a public prosecutor in Paris at some point today. Details are otherwise being kept vague.

As it was reported yesterday, the reported sexual assault occurred at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Chris Brown's suite between January 15th-16th. The unknown woman is reportedly a 24-year-old model who, according to her testimony, met Brown at a nightclub, along with several other women. She and the other women were later invited to Brown's suite, but at some point in the night, the woman and Chris Brown were reportedly alone, and that's when the alleged sexual assault occurred. The woman also claimed that she was abused by one of Brown's friends, as well as his bodyguard.

Chris Brown is claiming in his case that he was never alone with the woman, and the musician is also claiming that he was listening to music with 20 other people in attendance in the suite for the duration of the evening. Brown believes he is being publicly defamed, and he's now suing his accuser.

Chris Brown was released by the French police on Tuesday, according to the report. The investigation is currently still ongoing, and it is not yet known how long the investigation is expected to proceed. Brown is reportedly free to leave the country, though, and he was also released with no conditions.

This is not the first time Chris Brown has found himself in trouble in recent months. In July, Brown was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida for an outstanding warrant of felony battery from April 2017. It followed an altercation where Brown reportedly struck a photographer who took a picture of the musician without his permission. Additionally, Brown has been in the midst of legal woes for allegedly owning a pet monkey illegally named Fiji.

Most famously, however, Chris Brown is known for pleading guilty to felony assault of his former girlfriend, Rihanna, during an altercation in 2009. He was sentenced to a restraining order against Rihanna, and Brown was ordered to attend domestic violence counseling, as well as community service.