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Miranda Lambert - "Little Red Wagon" Music Video

Celebrity drama often sprouts out in Hollywood. It's not hard to find salty attitudes between celebrities in a place as competitive and cutthroat as Hollywood. You gotta keep your wits about you in a business like that one. But the latest scandal involving Miranda Lambert is certainly a peculiar one, to say the least.

According to recent reports, Lambert reportedly found herself in a bit of a fuss that involved dumping a salad into another woman's lap during an altercation that occurred in a Nashville steakhouse restaurant. Miranda Lambert claims the woman was reportedly provoking her. Lettuce see if we can figure out what exactly happened here.

As it was reported by TMZ, Miranda Lambert was having dinner at Stoney River Steakhouse on Sunday, and everything seemed to be moving forward in a normal fashion when Lambert found herself at odds with a couple who was also dining inside the establishment. The exchange became heated, and it didn't take long before the restaurant altercation grew confrontational. It's not clear what words were tossed around between Lambert and the couple, but it's clear that the musician had some problems with the woman involved in this equation, because at one point during their argument, Lambert reportedly threw a salad into her lap.

Actually, it sounds like Miranda Lambert's issue with the couple arose from the man, who was reportedly confrontational with Lambert's friend. The country music star was at the restaurant with her mother and a pal, and when the man was causing problems with Lambert's friend, she stepped up to defend her buddy. It reportedly started with a joke the man made about cell phones and millennials that was made in the men's bathroom. When things escalated into a full-on fight, it resulted in a salad being dumped into the woman's lap. Sure enough, law enforcement was called onto the scene but no arrests were ultimately made this evening.

When things got even more contentious, Miranda Lambert found herself confronting the man's wife, and that's when said salad found its way into said lap. But once the dispute was picking up steam, Lambert and her guests quickly decided to bounce, making their way out of the establishment and the police decided to not file a report about the whole situation.

It's not every day that Miranda Lambert dumps a salad into your lap, so it was hopefully for a good reason. It sounds like Lambert was trying to defend a friend who was dealing with a rude confrontation at a restaurant-- and the situation escalated into a troublesome for everyone involved. When the man walked over to the table, he reportedly starting screaming at Lambert's table, and Lambert retorted with her own criticisms directed his way.

Miranda Lambert hasn't spoken out publicly about the whole situation, and neither has anyone in her team. She'll probably try to let the whole thing subside as soon as it can, but if we can pick apart any more details about what exactly when down during this Sunday evening confrontation, we'll keep you posted for sure.

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