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Cardi B, Offset - "Lick" Music Video

It's no secret that Cardi B and Offset have weathered their fair share of material problems. The rap musicians have been on-and-off throughout the past year, trying to make it work, but difficulties often beset them. In fact, when they recently got back together, it took a few people by surprise. It felt like they were going to call the whole thing off for good, and they made it clear that if they were going to get back together, it was going to take a lot of hard work and persistence to make it count. Sure enough, Offset and Cardi B are are reportedly seeking marriage counseling. According to Offset:

Look, marriage counseling look cooler … not on the TV, though; real behind-the-scenes getting to know each other … getting to know who you’re with and appreciate them all the way around.

The information was revealed during Offset's recent interview with The Breakfast Club. The broad-ranging discussion -- which touched upon his baby daughter with Cardi B, Kulture, and how they work hard to keep the child away from the glaring public spotlight, his solo debut and a whole lot more -- is deep-searching conversation for the musician, who finds himself in an introspective and personal point in his life. A lot of things are in a state of flux, and is working hard to make himself a strong husband and father. Sure enough, in order to assure he's serious about the work, he is currently attending marriage counseling with his wife. They're committing themselves to each other through this tough rough patch.

You can watch Offset's episode of The Breakfast Club below.

Marriage is an extremely tough thing. There are guidebooks, but there is no rule book for how you can work. At least, not one you can fully trust. It's not an exact science, by any stretch of any imagination. Each marriage is different than the last, and there's no denying that Offset and Cardi B are extremely high profile through the latter's blooming and award-winning career. That intense magnifying glass over their lives is one that blares brightly, and it can be hard to fix your problems when you seemingly have a million little eyes starring at you at all times. But despite these setbacks, Offset is apparently trying to stay on the short and narrow, based on his own account, and it's evident that Cardi B is also working overtime to keep things in balance as best as possible between them. In short, they're working on it.

Will these hopeful days of dependency last for these two lovers? One cannot say for certain. It's possible that Cardi B and Offset are staying strong and keep it together and it's possible that they are going to find more setbacks and continue to struggle. No matter the case, we'll continue to keep you posted on the latest news and provide you with the newest updates whenever they arrive at CinemaBlend.