Jerry Lee Lewis Expected To Recover After Stroke

Jerry Lee Lewis - "Goosebumps" Music Video

Jerry Lee Lewis has suffered a minor stroke. But thankfully, according to people inside his inner circle, the legendary rock 'n' roll musician is on the mend. Known as "The Killer," it'll take a little more than that to keep the hit-making rocker down.

As it was reported by Page Six, Jerry Lee Lewis had fallen ill on Thursday night, and it was later revealed to be a stroke. It took him out for a few days, understandably, but he is recovering at the moment, according to his publicist, and this medical setback isn't expected to delay his string of scheduled shows. The call of rock 'n' roll doesn't fade. Even though many people would want to take some more time to stay situated, keep themselves grounded and maybe count their blessings, the 83-year-old rock musician is eager to return to the stage as soon as his health allows.

Even though Jerry Lee Lewis is well into his 80s at this point in time, he has more-than-a-few gigs lined up at the moment. For instance, he is expected to appear at the 50th anniversary of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, which kicks off in April. He also has a new album in the works. Jerry Lee is planning to make a gospel album sometime in the near future. It's not clear from the publicist's statement whether the album was delayed in any way with this recent hospitalization.

Though Jerry Lee Lewis has several decades of experience under his belt, having performed and made music much longer than some modern musicians have been alive, he is often best known for his hit single "Great Balls of Fire." In particular, Lewis' music is well-known for his enthusiastic energy and his top-notch piano skills. It's unclear if this stroke will prevent him from giving audiences the same high thrills they are accustomed to getting at his shows, but there's no doubt that Lewis will do everything in his power to make sure there's not a single audience member walking home disappointed after his show. He is always giving his all.

That known tenacity is almost certainly fueling the musician now. Jerry Lee Lewis is certainly known for his fighting spirit, and he is always keeping himself moving. That is hopeful the case for the elderly rock star now. He's not getting any younger, but he still has that great ball of fire burning inside him right now, and that is liking keeping him adamant about overcoming any troubles that beset him.

Here's wishing Jerry Lee Lewis a quick and steady recovery, and it is encouraging to know he's pushing forward. Meanwhile, for the latest news in film, television, pop culture, and a whole lot more, you can always be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend to hear the fresh developments in entertainment.

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