Within the last month three huge technology companies have released inspirational ads. Not just tug at the heartstring affairs, either. These are about how technology has affected our world, and our personal lives. There’s nothing new about the idea, as companies often try to get us to believe we need to have whatever gadget or gizmo they’re selling. But it’s refreshing to watch with the realization that while I’m being manipulated, there’s truth to the ideas inherent in each commercial. They do a fine job of letting you know that it’s OK to use technology, and it’s OK to be a connected person.

I understand what these ads are doing with their pandering nature, but what’s so fantastic about each one is how they showcase the world we live in and the way technology is incorporated into life. We live in a time when we’re connected wherever we go, and it’s not the end of civilization. This is the beginning of a new era of increased closeness with our fellow man. The idea that the internet is walling us off from one another is ludicrous. Unless when you were a child - of let’s say the 80s or early 90s - you were talking, connecting, and interacting with thousands of people from every continent face to face, then the only conclusion is that we are better off with the technology that drives our basic human need to be included. To be loved. To share our heart, our verse, and our bravery.

Apple’s 'Your Verse Anthem' iPad Air Ad
Apple’s advertising has always been remarkable. From the revolutionary 1984 Super Bowl ad, to the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC,” they have made a statement. Of course, the company has also been accused of borrowing, and in some cases outright stealing creative ideas, for their advertisements. This latest iPad Air spot takes a new approach to the idea of using Apple products. Let’s take them with us, get out of the home, and make the world we want to live in.

The message of “Your Verse Anthem” is that there is an incredible world out there, and you should enjoy it. In fact, you should enjoy it so much that it’s worth documenting and augmenting utilizing the highly portable iPad Air. The ad is inspirational, and hits on all the right notes. And like many modern ads, it doesn’t necessarily make you think to go out and buy the product. However, you do find yourself appreciating how useful the iPad Air might be as you contemplate what your verse will be in this collective we call humanity.

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