Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may have spent millions of dollars supporting California’s Proposition 8 to outlaw gay marriage, but that doesn’t mean every single Mormon stands on the same side of the fence. More than three hundred LDS congregants put on their nicest clothes this morning and headed down to the Utah Pride Festival Parade to show support for the GLBT community.

The marchers formed into a single group and walked directly behind the Grand Marshall as they waved supportive signs and quoted Bible verses about love and acceptance. None of the few hundred was acting on any order or direction from the larger Church, but each went of his or her own free will to try and mend fences and build bridges between the two parties that have quarreled in the past.

According to ABC 4, their presence was met with almost universal approval from the crowd, many of whom cheered and even cried at the sight. Few organizations are more important to the lives of many Utah residents as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and it was touching for many to know at least some members would rather love than hate.

Pop Blend’s support goes out to the marchers as well as all the other souls who took part in the proceedings. Life is too short for feuds, vendettas and grudges.

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