As we welcome 2014 with hope in our hearts and a twinkle in the eye, it behooves us to look to our past and discover how we came to this place. With that in mind this list looks to examine our world a decade ago, in the year 2004. As that year began many of the things that would go on to shape the world around us weren’t even a blip on the radar. A nipple would soon have the FCC crackdown on television, a Harvard punk nerd would lay the foundation for how we interact in the new millennium, and Pixar would make a phenomenal film again. Wait, that last one was par for the course at the time.

Now with 2014 starting we have to wonder what innovations are being quietly worked on in some basement or dorm room right now, just itching to mould our culture into the futurescape we can only imagine. Let’s take a look back, for just a moment, before moving forward with our lives. These are 45 things that happened in the world in 2004 that changed us.

1. 2004 was the year we enjoyed our friends
We watched The Friends finale with 52 million people.
2. The Mauraders came back together and we watched as Harry, Ron, and Hermione learned that a past betrayal was a frame job in The Prisoner of Azkaban.
3. Shaun made the best of life with his living dead best friend Ed in Shaun of the Dead, and we couldn’t help but think it equally silly and sweet.
4. Shrek and Donkey embarked on another adventure, and most of us laughed as Shrek met Fiona’s parents in Shrek 2.
5. We watched as Cady Heron treaded the dangerous waters of high school cliques with Regina George and her friends in Mean Girls.
6. All Harold and Kumar wanted for a perfect night was some White Castle, and we succumbed to the stoney flick’s charms.

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