Let's just be honest. Calling a group the "Best Cartoon Band" sounds like it's about as complimentary as singling out a group of guys for being a "Winning Movie Sports Team". But it's actually not. Some of the names on this list have created lasting effects on not only our hearts and minds but on the history of popular culture. Their success has rivaled, and at times, surpassed the sales of real bands that, you know, exist. From sorta great to the single greatest, these cartoon bands are all better than most of their peers, and they deserve to be honored.

So, without further ado, here are the greatest cartoon bands in the history of both bands and cartoons.

#5. Sonic Underground (Sonic Underground)
Gotta go fast. Sonic and the crew have had many adventures, perhaps the strangest being when they started a band to combat a post apocalyptic world. The story goes like this: Sonic’s mother was a queen and was overthrown by the evil Dr. Robotnik. The exiled queen escaped with her three children: Sonia, Manic, and Sonic and left them with foster families. Yeah, Sonic has a brother and sister. The three of them also had medallions that turned into instruments to help them fight evil. Forget the super speed and all that, fast guitar playing trumps all in the face of evil. The whole idea lasted a season and true Sonic fans don’t consider it canon, but the music remains the reason why people even talk about it today. To be honest, the songs can't compete with the best of the best here, but they kept a show relevant. Plus, it’s Sonic; so, it deserves a little love.

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