Suburban cops might spend a small portion of their time handling sophomoric vandalism and pranks gone awry, but that doesn’t mean the officers in question don’t get the occasional itch to do the same thing. In fact, five police officers from Newton, Massachusetts were recently busted egging the house of one of their superior officers, and believe it or not, they definitely did not get a free pass.

The cops were all disciplined very harshly with notices put into their permanent files, and someone actually leaked word of the controversy to the local news. Not surprisingly, footage of the news report quickly found its way online, and viewers have been having a good laugh every since. You can take a look at a clip from the broadcast below…

I get why the Sergeant would be pretty pissed off at officers egging his house, but I have no idea why he made this big of an issue out of it. The attention only makes everyone in the force look petty, juvenile and foolish. Further, I have no idea why the acting chief even agreed to give an interview about the situation to the reporter. Why wouldn’t you just let this mess slowly trickle off people’s radars without commenting?

Regardless, this footage exists, and more than likely, it’ll be chuckled about by new viewers for weeks to come.

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