Absent horrible traffic, it’s way more efficient to drive on main roads and highways rather than wind through subdivisions and smaller streets. Humans have been abiding by those concepts since we first learned how to build chariots, but apparently, we’re not the only ones who prefer common sense efficiency to chaotic clutter. Take these penguins as an example.

You might think penguins stomp around Antarctica taking whatever routes through the snow they feel like, but apparently, they actually travel over the same paths over and over again in order to increase efficiency. Check out this sweet video of dozens crossing the same path below…

I love how most of them look both ways before crossing the intersection, and I love how normalized the entire process has become. They’ve probably traveled this “highway” thousands of times, and none of them have any interest in upsetting the order. I only wish I knew exactly where each of these paths led. That would allow me to silently judge the decisions each of these adorable creatures are making.

With great accompanying music and a very clean and quick length, it’s easy to see why twenty-five thousand people have already taken a look at this greatness.

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