Did you ever take a class in high school or college that you simply couldn’t stay awake for? No matter how hard you tried, there was something about the subject matter or the teacher’s voice that caused you to immediately nod off? Well, let the record show this duckling knows exactly how you feel.

YouTube user ChloeBroomfield1995 took the adorable little duckling named Dexter to her accounting class, and despite his best efforts, he could not stay awake. So, she took out her camera and recorded the little guy continually dozing off and coming to for a solid forty-five seconds. Later, she uploaded the footage onto the Internet and a little less than a year later, it started achieving heavy airplay. Now, it has amassed more than two hundred thousand views and shows no signs of stopping.

When it comes to Internet animal videos, viewers tend to prefer ones that are of the adorable variety. This clip certainly fits that criteria, and it’s also a testament to how any video truly can trend, even if the uploader’s other four videos have only combined for roughly one thousand total views.

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