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Ballots for government positions are not immune to silly write-ups. One would think this predisposition would end sometime after highschool government elections and prom queen ballots, but nonetheless weird write-ins prevail with adults, including during the last presidential election, when Putin got two votes in New York and the likes of the very dead Abraham Lincoln also got one. Write-ins may not always be quality, but for one small town in Alaska, a group of write-ins changed the history of the town, forever.

15-years ago it was election season in Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska boasting a population of roughly 900 souls. The election was a dissident one, with townsfolk unsatisfied with most of the mayoral candidates. Instead of just settling for the less annoying of the candidates, a group of people rallied together and voted for Stubbs, a recently born neighborhood cat. The cat ended up winning the election and, in the time since, has maintained his position.

What began as a silly joke has led to tourist business for Talkeetna. According to The Washington Post, every year, thousands of tourists flock to the little town searching for Stubbs, who spends his days hanging out at a store in town. Though the position is honorary—sort of like the British Royal family—it’s certainly put Talkeetna on the map. Stubbs may not know a lot about foreign policy, but in his 15th year on staff, at least he has gotten to drink now and again while on the job.

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