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During Alec Baldwin’s time in the spotlight, he’s had an almost uncountable number of run-ins with people. From baristas to flight attendants to photographers, he’s done battle with a very wide range of characters, but it’s the workers in that final profession that he repeatedly has problems with. They nag, pry and invade his life. He ignores it. They continue to do it, and he explodes. It’s a vicious cycle. Take this story as an example.

Photographers have been all over Baldwin and his wife Hilaria even more than usual the past few days because she just gave birth to a baby girl. Consequently, he’s a little more protective of her, and that combination of a short fuse and an eagerness to invade caused quite a brouhaha in New York this morning. According to TMZ, Alec and Hilaria were walking down the street when they were approached by a few photographers, one of which was allegedly aggressive. The latter, not wanting to be photographed because she just gave birth, reportedly ducked into a tea shop. The aforementioned aggressive photographer allegedly gave chase into said shop, and Alec allegedly exploded on him, engaging in a shoving match and pushing the man up against the car.

Police officers were quickly called to the scene, but after interviewing all involved, they apparently decided the situation was pretty harmless. Both men agreed not to press any charges related to the incident, and each was allowed to move along without any police discipline. In the end, that’s probably all the two could hope for. With no injuries and a crazy number of witnesses who saw each behaving inappropriately, lawsuits and assault claims wouldn’t have worked out for either very well.

Besides, this unidentified photographer now has a remember that time I fought Alec Baldwin story, and Baldwin has a remember that time I stuck up for my wife right after she gave birth to our daughter story. Both men will no doubt cherish those, and I would certainly hope they have better things to do than waste time pointing the finger at each other in court.

For Baldwin, all of his problems with photographers over the years have created a climate in which it’s almost impossible for him to deal with photographers. Pictures of him going to war and screaming at people typically sell for big money, and since he’s such a likely candidate to explode, members of the press now constantly pick at him to see if they can get him to fly off the handle.

Hopefully, one day that risk will go completely away, but in the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed he can hold the temper in and focus on the more important things in life.

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