About two weeks ago, Alec Baldwin was accused of punching a photographer. The actor’s hatred for the paparazzi has been well-established over the past decade, but unfortunately for him, every time he has a high-profile dust-up, the photographers hound him with a renewed vigor. That’s been the case over the last ten days or so, and after what happened yesterday, it’ll be the case for the next few weeks too.

Rather than playing nice and trying to force a smile, Baldwin got into another altercation with a man taking pictures outside his building, and this one could wind up costing him big time. According to TMZ, the 30 Rock star screamed at the random shutterbug and at one point, even squeezed his arm. It’s unclear whether the man reported the incident to authorities, but if he does, it’ll definitely won’t help Baldwin’s chances of escaping legal repercussions from the first incident.

As usual, the story isn’t quite as one-sided as Baldwin simply berating someone for taking a few pictures. If you take it from the actor, this same dude has been outside the building for days, taking pictures of the actor’s neighbors and even getting in verbal confrontations with them. From his perspective, it’s one thing to hound him but quite another to harass people that aren’t even famous.

Baldwin is reportedly scheduled to marry his girlfriend Hilaria Thomas this weekend. We’ll see how everyone gets along with the press before and after the wedding.

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