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Amazon Prime Offering Harry Potter E-Books To Rent

If you want to own an electronic copy of the Harry Potter books, you still have to use the Pottermore website, but if reading each of the books once is your only goal, Amazon Prime might be your best option. Earlier today, the online juggernaut signed a deal which will allow its Kindle lending library to offer copies of the series in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish to all Amazon Prime customers. Prior to the Potter agreement, the company already boasted more than one hundred and forty-five thousand options, but its newest seven books will no doubt be the most used of the extensive catalog.

It’s unclear exactly how much Amazon may have forked over for the privilege, but the company released a statement saying fans wanting to read the series would save money by purchasing an Amazon Prime account for one year at a cost of seventy-nine dollars versus what they might pay by buying the actual e-books. According to The Telegraph, the service works by allowing Kindle readers to check out an e-book for as long as they’d like. When they’re finished reading, they can simply trade the copy back for another of their choosing.

In theory, pretty much everyone obsessed with Harry Potter has already purchased a hard copy, an e-book or both. This new offering from Amazon should be a nice way for people who have never experienced Hogwarts to get their chance without making a large monetary commitment or having to worry whether their local library will have run out of its copies.

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