With American Idol sagging in the ratings and losing a bit of its spark, the producers settled on an extremely diverse and eclectic panel of opinionated musicians. Rumor has it they were supposedly hoping to get a little bit of drama, and if that really was their intention, they got more than they bargained for today.

This afternoon, the cast and crew were in Charlotte, North Carolina to judge a large group of hopefuls when Nicki Minaj absolutely went off on Mariah Carey. The friction reportedly began over disagreements about a contestant’s audition, but clearly, the fighting was about much larger issues that have been going on for awhile—like Mariah’s attitude. During the shouting, Minaj referred to Carey as “her fucking highness” and allegedly said she’d knock her out.

Not long after the brouhaha ended, TMZ was able to get its hands on video showing a portion of the argument, and if noting else, the clip verifies there was a hell of a lot of conflict on the set today, at least between the ladies. By all accounts, Randy and Keith had nothing to do with what happened and save minor efforts to calm everyone down, stayed out of the way.

Without being on set, it’s difficult to know who is in the wrong, but judging by each lady’s personality, an educated guess can be made. What do you think? Who is at fault for all the conflict on the Idol set? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Who Is More At Fault For The Drama?

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