American Idol's Jermaine Jones Has 4 Outstanding Warrants

American Idol is notoriously pretty quiet when stories of inappropriate behavior amongst its contestants hit the Internet. During its decade on the air, several hopefuls have left or been kicked off for various reasons, and regardless of the specifics, producers have offered short, vague press releases. Luckily, various outlets are a whole lot less guarded about exposing wrongdoing, a fact that’s becoming increasingly clear in the midst of the current Jermaine Jones fiasco.

The singer was an early favorite this season with judges and fans alike, but his run began losing steam late last week when producers reportedly discovered he’d lied about several past arrests. Run-ins with the law don’t preclude wannabees from appearing on American Idol, but covering offenses up and histories of violence are big no-nos. According to TMZ, Jones has four outstanding warrants and gave fakes names to police on at least two separate occasions in attempts to stay out of court. The first alias in question was reportedly Joel Jones and was offered after police responded to a fight at a Howard Johnson Hotel. The second was Kareem Watkins and was given after a car he was riding in was pulled over.

In addition to the run-ins with authorities, Jones also apparently got into a few skirmishes with workers on American Idol and may have gotten into a verbal altercation with a woman in the wardrobe department over her outfit selections. Because of these issues, producers have supposedly decided to boot him from the show, with a goodbye to be given on tonight’s episode.

Over the past few days, more and more details about Jones’ offenses have been discovered. He’ll likely end up in front of a judge for the warrants we already know about, but if more emerge, he could well be looking at more than a slap on the wrist in addition to losing the chance at a recording contract.

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