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There might be more famous power couples in Hollywood, but few are as affable and well-liked as Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. Over the past few years, they’ve slowly begun positioning themselves as ringers in the comedic industry. Not surprisingly, this increased popularity has required a careful balance of work time and relationship time, but thanks to some good news, it now seems their lives are about to become a little more hectic.

According to People, Faris is pregnant with the couple’s first child. The two met on the set of the extremely underrated Take Me Home Tonight, and they began dating shortly thereafter. A wedding followed in 2009, and while each reportedly wanted a big family, they decided to wait to begin until the right moment. Whether the conception was planned or not, they’ll no doubt move forward as if this was the right moment.

Details like due date and gender haven’t been released yet, but given how much both Faris and Pratt love to chit-chat, you’d have to assume that info will squeak out at some point. For his sake, I hope the reveal is either planned ahead of time or comes from her end. Wives don’t tend to enjoy their husbands blurting out personal information without prior conversations.

Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to the happy couple. With her good looks and his everyman passability, the kid should be attractive enough, and that, coupled with an almost guaranteed wit, should set the human up for a life of success. That being said, may God have mercy on whatever poor Kindergarten teacher gets this future class clown.

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