Ariel Winter's Mother Allegedly Tried To Leak Naked Pictures Of Other Daughter

The ugly and upsetting custody battle between Ariel Winter’s mother, Chrystal Workman, and her older sister, Shanelle Gray, just took a really disturbing turn. A publicist has come forward claiming Workman approached him earlier this week with a morally bankrupt proposition. She wanted him to release naked pictures of Shanelle in an apparent attempt to publically embarrass and perhaps discredit her as a potential guardian for Ariel.

According to TMZ, the publicist, Jonathan Hay, wanted no part of leaking the eight or nine-year-old pictures because he felt like it wasn’t right for a mother to sell out her daughter. After his story went public, representatives from Winter’s campaign reportedly contacted him immediately, but as of press time, it’s unclear if he will be called to testify in the custody case.

All parties involved in this case are due back in court on December 10. Currently, Gray has a temporary guardianship over her little sister. If the presiding judge does get wind of what allegedly happened with these naked pictures, one would imagine it would be a big blow to Workman’s credibility. She’s consistently claimed to only act with the best interests of her daughters at heart, but a other leaking naked pictures of one daughter in order to win custody over the other daughter sounds like the plot of a bad late night Cinemax movie.

We’ll keep you updated as this mess continues to get even messier.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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