Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been on each other’s radars—and even in each other’s onscreen pants—for years. The two played a couple in the hit 2000s comedy That 70’s Show before moving forward to pursue movie gigs and even some producing credits on Kutcher’s part. Oh yeah, and the two also have one other thing in common: they’ve both recently broken up with long-term partners.

Well, maybe both relationships ended a bit back, but since Kutcher was actually married to actress Demi Moore for six years and Kunis was in a relationship with Macauley Culkin for even longer, neither actor is really willing to give another relationship a go just yet—but that does not mean they are not willing to have a little fun. US Weekly is reporting the two have been seen out and about in L.A. together on multiple occasions, although the Friends with Benefits actress and No Strings Attached actor are absolutely “not exclusive” at this point.

Still, a date on the back of Kutcher’s motorcycle and a three-day road trip together make Kunis, 28, and Kutcher, 34, seem a bit more than chummy. There may be candlelit dinners and movie premieres in the cards, but I think the non-couple members are right to not get too heavy too quickly. It’s always difficult to jump into a new relationship after a serious break-up and starting slow and seeing where something goes is an easy way to avoid stress early on.

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