There's just something about Tom Hiddleston. The blue-eyed, British actor has been driving Stateside fangirls wild since last summer when he caught our collective eye with his pathos-laden performance of Loki, the less-than prince of Asgard in Thor. For many of us, our crushes grew more intense, once we saw his tender portrayal of F. Scott Fitzgerald in Woody Allen's Oscar-winning romantic-comedy Midnight in Paris. And at long last, he's back once more as that devious demi-god with a wicked smile in The Avengers!

It's not just that Hiddleston is handsome. It's not just that he's talented. It's also that he exudes this enthusiasm and sense of mischief that makes him totally mesmerizing. And doing press for The Avengers, Hiddleston's shown a dizzying displays of both. Just yesterday he stopped by MTV to harass Josh Horowitz and pitch his own prank show, Loki'd, and now he's gone on to Hoppus On Music and gamely offered an impromptu Shakespearean monologue. First off, I had no idea Blink 182 frontman Mark Hoppus had a talk show, but admittedly I tend to forget Fuse is a channel unless I'm walking by their blindingly bright, neon-strewn studio. Anyhow, Hoppus mentions that Hiddleston has just wrapped on Henry IV, giving the remarkable thespian a flimsy—but welcomed—excuse to break into full on classical acting mode!

Oh, Tom.

Hiddleston digs into this monologue with such passion and fire that I'm surprised he didn't end up leading the studio audience into an actual revolt! For now this will serve as a scintillating preview for not one but three upcoming TV movies Hiddleston is fronting. Henry IV will air in two parts on BBC2 and eventually PBS with Henry V to follow at a later date. As you may have suspected from the monologue above, Hiddleston portrays the hotheaded Prince Hal, who grows into the eponymous hero of the final film. This Shakespearean film series co-stars Jeremy Irons, Julie Walters, and John Hurt, and is expected to air later this year.

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