Bananas And Ham Hollandaise And Other Gross Foods People Used to Eat

Before the world went crazy for quinoa and grass-fed beef and anything else with the label “organic” on it, folks ate a ton junk food, because a) food science wasn’t all that sophisticated back then, and b) it was absolutely delicious––well, most of it was. Not every unhealthy entree or snack is worthy of cult status. In fact, some of those early meals were so foul that they deserved to stay at the bottom of the garbage disposal for the rest of eternity.

You will understand once you watch this video from BuzzFeed, where someone thought it would be a good idea to dredge up terrible vintage recipes, then force a few unlucky employees to chow down on the results.

So what constitutes as “terrible”? How about the bananas and ham hollandaise, which consists of mustard-covered ham, wrapped around bananas and covered in hollai…ughhhhhhohhhhh I just threw up in my mouth a little. Looks like I am going to have to take this description slow. It consists of [deep breath] mustard-covered ham….wrapped around…. bananas….and covered in….. hoooolllanndaissee sauce. Phew. OK. Participant reactions range from “I am gagging a little bit” to “I feel like I don’t want to have ham or bananas or hollandaise sauce ever again.” We weren’t there for this experiment, but we understand completely.

Another recipe they use is the jelly tomato refresher, made from gelatin, tomato, garlic, worcestershire, and tabasco. Here’s a screenshot of someone eating it:

From the looks of it, the jelly tomato refresher was delicious.

You can check out all the vomit-inducing recipes in the video above––as long as you promise not to cook them. Ever.