The inaugural events have come and gone, and poor Barbara Walters missed covering them, spending time in a hospital, instead. Unfortunately, after a hard fall over the weekend, Walters is still spending time at a local Washington, D.C. hospital. Luckily, the 83-year-old journalist says she is feeling a bit better and hopes to leave the hospital soon.

During an episode of The View, Walters sent in a note that discussed her current condition. According to notes taken by the The Orlando Sentinal, Walters has a fever and doctors won’t release her until that fever has subsided.
“I am running a low-grade fever, and the doctors are keeping me in the hospital until my temperature is normal. I’m pleased to say that it is going in the right direction and I will be home soon.”

Additionally, the ladies on The View cleared up a few specifics about the famous journalist’s injury. We’ve known for a while that Walters cut herself after a fall on a stair at a party on Saturday, but The View’s Whoopi Goldberg clarified matters further, stating that Walters “cut her temple” after simply missing a step. So, now that fans know it was a simple, silly accident and she didn’t crack open her whole head or hurt herself seriously, The View audiences can breathe a sigh of relief. The feisty veteran talk show host will likely return to work soon.

If you want to read more details about Saturday’s accident, you can check out our early account.

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