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Despite repeated warnings from Samuel L Jackson, snakes continue to show up on planes. Whether in an attempt to intimidate or just to go for a ride, a Golden Tree snake slithered his way into the cockpit of an Australian cargo airplane earlier this week and successfully hid himself inside a gap in the instrument panel prior to takeoff. The unsuspecting pilot departed Darwin Airport as planned, but about twenty minutes into the flight, the damn snake peaked his head out and gave Braden Blennerhassett a real shock.

A lesser man likely would have panicked and let the snake win, but like a champion, Blennerhassett coolly radioed that he was turning the plane around and went about his business. At one point, likely to assert his dominance, the snake left his hiding spot and crawled between the pilot’s legs, but the man neither flinched nor lost sight of the mission at hand.

According to The Daily Mail, the control tower at first assumed the pilot was joking when he reported the snake, but prior to landing when he asked for a professional to trap the reptile, the powers that be wised up and tracked down the appropriate personnel.

Upon arriving, the snake once again hid himself and briefly evaded capture, but a mouse was later used to coax the bastard out. There’s no word yet on what the authorities did with the stowaway. Hopefully for its sake, they didn’t ask Samuel L Jackson for advice…

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