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Beyonce Blows Off Her Father's Wedding

Once upon a time, Beyonce Knowles and her father Matthew were an incredible team. As the lead vocalist and manager of Destiny’s Child, the two achieved incredible success in the music industry. Unfortunately, along the way, the good old father-daughter relationship sorta melted down, and long story short, they’re not exactly very close anymore. In fact, the pop star didn’t even bother showing up for daddy’s wedding.

According to TMZ, the wedding happened last Sunday. Matthew walked down the aisle with a woman named Gena Avery during a ceremony in Houston, Texas, and neither Beyonce nor her sister Solange was in attendance. The patriarch put the best face on their absences as possible, however. Here’s the official statement he released afterwards…

”Unfortunately, Beyonce and Solange had previous engagements which made it impossible for them to attend."

That might sound well and good, but a wedding isn’t exactly an oops-something-came-up-so-I’m-bailing occasion. Even if it was, the wedding of one’s father sure as hell isn’t, which means the rift in the Knowles family is at least as large as has been rumored. In fact, it’s probably the size of a baby mama.

Near the end of Matthew’s marriage to Beyonce’s mother Tina, he impregnated another woman. Whether the marriage was over in all but name at that point is unclear, but in many ways, that child seems like it was the final straw for the Knowles family. Since then, Tina has remained in the picture, even going on family vacations, and Matthew has apparently sorta drifted further away from the fold.

An overwhelming majority of the time, I’m in the be-the-bigger-person camp. After all, you can never undo going to a wedding, but in Beyonce and Solange’s case, I get why they might not have wanted to be a part of this. Between the child out of wedlock, the ensuing ugly custody battle, the bitter divorce and now this marriage to a completely different woman just a few years after the divorce was finalized, it makes sense they’d participate in a silent protest by not showing up.

Since the deed is already done, however, Pop Blend wishes Matthew and his new bride Gena all the luck in the world. Here’s to hoping they focus on the positives, stay the course and remain committed to each other. If every marriage that family members objected to failed, there would be very few unions still remaining.

Don’t expect either Beyonce or Solange to comment publically on this, but if for some reason they do offer a reason, we’ll make sure to bring it to you. Until then, try to keep your own personal life as clean as possible.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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