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Beyonce's Father Is Fighting It Out With His Baby Mama In Court

Beyonce may have seemed the picture of class, poise and sophistication when she performed at the Inauguration earlier today, but just because she has her life completely together doesn’t mean every member of her family does. Father Matthew Knowles has been in and out of court over the past few years with his baby mama Alexsandra Wright, and now, the two seem headed for another showdown over a truly startling allegation.

According to TMZ, Wright claims Knowles sent her an email saying she would “pay” for hurting his family. Consequently, she would like to increase security in order to protect their child from whatever retribution Matthew has in mind. If all goes according to plan, she would also like a judge to increase the twelve thousand dollars a month the father already pays in order to cover a pre-school and eventually an elementary school.

Knowles has apparently paid child support like clockwork, but he doesn’t want to shell out more for a school until they mutually decide where to send their two-year-old son. In addition, he would apparently like the judge to lessen his child support payments a bit since he no longer works as Beyonce’s manager and therefore only makes a fraction of the money he once did.

This whole case is one bit fat mess. Hopefully, these two can put aside their bullshit and just get along moving forward for the sake of their son, who deserves better than his parents fighting it out in court.

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