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Beyonce has been very open about how much she loves motherhood since she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy Carter, but with a highly successful tour, an upcoming movie and a slew of other projects, many thought the singer would take a few years off from making babies in order to prevent her life balance from swinging too far toward the domestic. It’s possible she may still do that, but if a new interview is to be believed, there may be a little bit of urgency.

Here’s what she told The Daily Mirror
Definitely I would like to have more children. Motherhood has changed everything. You see things a bit differently after you give birth and my biggest job now is to protect my child.”

In addition, she also told ABC News she thinks little Blue Ivy really “needs some company”. Taken together, the two quotes certainly seem to paint the picture of a woman who will try sooner rather than later, but as for how soon that might be, it’s completely unclear. Luckily, there’s no harm in some good old fashioned speculation.

Beyonce’s tour is scheduled to run through August. Beyond that, life is one big question mark that will likely be filled with a pregnancy at some point. The question is when. Will Beyonce give birth to another child in 2014? What about in 2015 or 2016? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by voting in the poll below…

When Will Beyonce Have Another Child?

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