Early Tuesday morning at around 1:30 AM, two black SUVs with darkened windows were spotted near the loading dock of Lennox Hill Hospital. One blocked the traffic on Park Avenue and the other waited. A few minutes later, a large black van also with darkened windows hastily pulled out of the same dock and turned onto Park. The waiting SUV followed while the other continued to hold up traffic. Within minutes, all the vehicles were gone and the hospitalization of Beyonce, Jay-Z and their new baby Blue Ivy Carter was over.

According to The New York Daily News, witnesses described the quick exodus using terms like “precise” and “military-like”. That might sound a bit absurd for a singer’s plans to leave a hospital after giving birth, but considering the fanfare that accompanied the family’s arrival, that level of sophistication was probably needed. In fact, with rumors flying that a clear picture could fetch six figures, it’s a surprise an enterprising photographer didn’t try to follow the couple.

One would imagine the ride wasn’t stress free for the new mother, but something tells me Beyonce’s body is pretty well equipped to deal with high pressure situations by this point. With the blackened windows, she was probably able to just rest in the back while her husband probably took the upper hand in coordinating the surreptitious escape.

The couple has yet to speak at length about their pleasant new arrival, but they did release a statement expressing their joy and assuring fans both mother and baby are doing well. Jay-Z also released a song expressing his emotions.

Pop Blend wishes the Carter family nothing but the best as they begin this new phase in their lives.

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