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Beyonce At Lennox Hill Hospital, May Have Given Birth

With so many crazy Beyonce rumors going around, it’s hard to separate the facts from the fictions. At various points during the past few months, the pop star has supposedly been a) faking it, b) checked into a hospital, and c) already a mom. One by one, the whispers have been shot down, but today’s stories seem to be a whole lot more believable.

This morning, The New York Daily News reported Beyonce and Jay-Z had rented out an entire floor at Lennox Hill Hospital to prepare for a delivery to occur today. She supposedly checked in under the name Ingrid Jackson at a cost of more than one million dollars. Now, The Houston Chronicle is reporting Beyonce has in fact given birth to a daughter. Both mother and child are supposedly doing fine, but as no one connected with the couple has verified any of this, it should all be treated as a rumor at this point.

Still, as rumors go, I like sources connected to the New York Daily News and the Houston Chronicle better than some of the other ones who leaked the false positive at the end of last month.

If a bouncing baby girl is in fact here, Pop Blend wishes Beyonce and Jay-Z nothing but the best as they prepare for the biggest challenge of their lives. If the unborn child is still inside his or her mother, Pop Blend wishes the couple nothing but the best as they prepare for the impending delivery.

I wish I had more reliable facts to give you, but strangely, I wasn’t invited into the delivery room.

Mack Rawden

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