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Will Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance Live Up To The Hype?

Earlier this week, Pepsi put out word that it would like Beyonce’s biggest fans to submit photographs of themselves dancing, gyrating and fist-pounding in various poses to be considered for possible inclusion in a specially designed montage commercial that will introduce the pop star prior to her Super Bowl commercial. Fifty of the lucky fans will also be chosen to attend the big game and join Beyonce on stage while she sings her heart out to the astounding number of people watching.

It sounds like a cool idea, and if anything, it’s an indication that Beyonce and her main sponsor Pepsi would like to shoot for a bigger, over the top spectacle rather than a more standard performance that would show off her range. Given it’s the Super Bowl, that’s probably the right call, but by announcing details like this so early, it has started convincing many of Beyonce’s biggest fans to expect the performance of a lifetime.

The Super Bowl has spit up and swallowed numerous brilliant performers in the past. Such an event is always an extremely difficult place to achieve something wonderful, but maybe Beyonce is the woman that will finally swoop in and surpass our wildest expectations.

What do you think? Will Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance live up to the hype or should we all get ready to deal with disappointment now? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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