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Bill Clinton is an affable dude. With the energetic, good-natured spirit of a college freshman and the intelligence of a Rhodes Scholar, the sixty-five-year-old former president has spent the eleven plus years since he left office playing a ton of golf, touring the world, hanging out with his wife and being the star attraction whenever he goes. Back in May, he posed for a giddy photograph alongside two porn stars, and now, he’s been pictured next to a recently married couple at their Irish wedding reception.

Clinton was at the Castlemartyr Resort in Ireland to attend a gala for an Irish-American philanthropy group. Pat Howard and his new wife Kelly Seamans were there to get married. The newlyweds reportedly mingled around the property for a bit during their wedding reception when they noticed the former president coming toward them. Like a champ, he simply walked up, introduced himself, hung out and posed for the most memorable picture of their lives. You can take a look at the shot below courtesy of Phillip Daly Photography

According to The Independent, both Howard and Seamans were thrilled to meet Clinton. She’s an American but moved to Ireland from Minneapolis to attend University College Cork. Her new husband was born in Europe, but he’s apparently long admired Clinton for making Ireland a priority. One would imagine they now think even more of him.

There’s no word on whether Clinton raided the food after the picture was taken, but if the situation is later adapted into an SNL sketch, you can be sure he will.

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