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Billy Ray And Tish Cyrus Will Give Marriage Another Go

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus may have flirted with crossing the divorce bridge over the past few months, but apparently, they’re not willing to confront that failure troll lingering below. For the second time, the famous twosome have decided to give their marriage another real shot, and if the above picture is any indication, they’re certainly ready to give it an honest try.

The snapshot was taken last night and posted on Instagram along with the caption “Date Night”. Not surprisingly, its existence got fans wondering whether the divorce petition would be dropped, and for at least the time being, it seems like it will be. E! News’ Ken Baker was able to speak with Tish the other night, and she reportedly told him the process of trying to separate wound up bringing them closer.

Apparently, after they decided divorcing was the right call, Billy Ray and Tish booked some sessions with a marriage counselor to talk about how to make the split less stressful on the children, some of whom (cough cough Miley) had no problem letting the world know how angry they were about the marriage imploding. A funny thing started happening during the sessions, however. Billy Ray and Tish apparently started reconnecting and learning better ways to communicate, which brought them closer together. Consequently, after some discussion, they mutually agreed working things out was far better than watching two decades slowly go down the drain and becoming just another divorce statistic.

Neither Miley nor any of the other kids has spoken publically about their thoughts on the reconciliation, but one would imagine they’re pretty pleased about it. Billy Ray and Tish may have had their share of problems, but clearly, there is something here that did work for a very long time. As such, it would clearly be preferable for the two of them to find that love and keep the family together as opposed to worrying about separate Christmases from this point forward.

Keeping any relationship together is hard work. Keeping one together in which one party travels quite a bit is extremely difficult. The Cyrus’ have been in that position for years thanks to Billy Ray’s work, but if they were happy years ago, they can be happy again.

Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to the entire Cyrus family during this exciting/ weird/ complicated time. I’m not sure they have the relationship we should all point to as a shining example, but there’s something about the two of them together that just feels right. Let’s hope that remains the same way for decades to come.

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