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When MTV executives decided to end Jersey Shore and pick up Buckwild, they likely thought the castmembers of the new show would differentiate themselves with their location and the way they communicated with each other. That has happened, but unfortunately, the stars have also differentiated themselves by getting into serious brushes with the law.

Last week, starlet Salwa Amin was busted during a drug raid. Authorities recovered heroin, Oxycodone and large sums of cash, and now, one of her cast members has been busted by cops too. According to TMZ, Michael Burford, better known as “Bluefoot” on the show, was arrested early yesterday morning in Charelston, West Virginia for allegedly driving under the influence.

Cops pulled him over around 3 AM, initially expecting to write a ticket for speeding. When they approached the vehicle, however, they decided to administer a field sobriety test. Later, they determined he was driving at more than twice the legal limit, which adds an aggravated charge to the DUI.

There’s a big difference between getting arrested for disorderly conduct while having a little too much fun outside of a bar and driving while intoxicated and getting busted for allegedly selling drugs, as was the case with Salwa. MTV executives will likely stomach a little bit of bad press, but if this keeps up, I’m sure they can find plenty of other young people willing to get up to some shenanigans for huge paychecks.