Breast Feeding Jamie Lynn Spears Pictures Stolen

Wanna see Jamie Lynn Spears’ boobs? Don’t admit that, you sick fuck. Her birth certificate says 1991! Even with the inherent ickiness, you might still get your chance. Baby daddy Casey Aldridge hit up Wal-Mart to get some photos developed, and the tech on duty reportedly made duplicates for twelve of the pictures, including one which showed the seventeen year old breast feeding her daughter Maddie.

According to TMZ, someone, suspected to be the Wal-Mart employee in question, is currently peddling the lude photos, but I highly doubt he’ll get any credible offers on account of the whole thing being highly publicized and highly illegal. The National Enquirer wouldn’t even print these pictures for free.

Here’s to hoping the nefarious asshole who did this gets caught before millions of horny internet surfers get a look at Jamie Lynn’s hoo-hahs. Spoiler Alert: I guarantee the douche bag looks like an amalgamation of every character on the Dukes Of Hazzard.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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