Most people in large cities might be at least vaguely familiar with their direct neighbors, but unless there’s a serious problem, those who live four or five doors down or across the street become little more than nameless, vaguely recognizable extras in our lives. There’s just not a whole lot of chances to communicate, except, weirdly, through Internet WiFi names. When we’re signing on to the Internet in the morning, we all see what our neighbors have changed their networks to. Often times, those quippy little handles are really funny, but now and again, they can border on disturbing. Take one in the Fifth Avenue strip of Park Slope, for example, that’s been christened “LuLu’s Anal Bleaching For Kids”.

To understand why that’s a thing and depending on your perspective, maybe a really funny thing, you need to understand the neighborhood of Park Slope. The Brooklyn, New York neighborhood is becoming less hipster-y and more overtly wealthy. Rents are being raised and new businesses, perceived as upperclass, are moving in—like LuLu’s, a combination hair salon and toy store.

In the grand scheme of things, the WiFi name really doesn’t matter a ton. I highly doubt the business will lose any customers because of it, but that doesn’t mean owner Brigitte Prat isn’t spitting mad, according to Gawker. She’s reportedly talked to the police, to a lawyer, to Verizon and to Time Warner, all in an effort to get the name changed, but she hasn’t been able to make any headway because she doesn’t know which one of her neighbors has the snarky network name.

Here’s a quote she sent out to a local group of businesses in the area…
This is really disturbing and I'm lost to what to do without knowing who it is. Any other ideas on how to handle this?

If nothing else, this story is a good reminder that sometimes what seems like an innocent little joke can actually be really upsetting to someone.

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