Bryan Ferry Weds Son's Ex-Girlfriend In The Caribbean Islands

Sometimes people wind up with the strangest significant others. This seems to be especially true – or especially apparent –with celebrities. Woody Allen married his ex-wife Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, no biggie. This week in strange celebrity dating stories features Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry.

The 66 year-old singer was married on January 4 in the Turks and Caicos. The bride was 29 year-old Amanda Sheppard, whom Ferry has been dating since 2009. Though the location in the Caribbean islands was beautiful, the ceremony wasn’t lavish. According to E! Online, the couple were married in “a simple, private ceremony.” She wore white while he opted for dark blue.

If you think I think the weird part is the fact Ferry married a woman more than thirty years his junior, don’t get your panties in a twist. While I personally would never be in a relationship with such a large age gap, I recognize my hesitations may not be issues for others. Besides, at 29, Sheppard should be easily able to make her own life choices. The weird thing is Ferry first met Sheppard when she was dating one of Ferry’s sons from his first marriage - to Lucy Helmore, a marriage tenure which lasted for 21 years, until 2003. The relationship between the younger Ferry and Sheppard didn’t last and the elder Ferry hopped right in to have a go.

Though Ferry and Sheppard’s meet cute is far less creepy than Woody Allen and his current beau, it’s still a pretty strange story that seems straight out of the script of No Strings Attached. The moral? Sons, beware. Don’t bring a cute girl around if your dad is on the prowl.

On a serious note, congrats to the new couple. Simple and beautiful is simply the best way a wedding can go.